Golden Key Destiny


Wren Winters has always believed in magic. Then again, after being raised by a grandfather who claims to be a centuries-old wizard it wasn’t like she had much of a choice. As far back as she can remember, he’s been telling her she’s special, training her for a fated leap through time in hopes of rescuing some dude named Vaighn. And if that doesn’t work, no biggie. She’s got a few other tricks to up her sleeve. The key, the armoire…hell, she’ll alter the timeline of the entire Austiere Kingdom if she has to. Anything to stop that rat bastard from murdering her parents again…and again…and again.

Tormented by the devil, visited by an angel, Vaighn Austiere lost track of not only his unending days within the crystal caverns but the purpose behind his quest. To learn the woman who saved him cares not the cost has him more frustrated than her refusal to remain in his chambers. Wren Winters is more than a simple messenger. More than the product of two mingled bloodlines brought about by the key. To keep her close, he would gladly rewrite the future. The monster has awakened…and with it, Vaighn’s destiny at long-last has been changed.